Them Horses

For fast riders
We have fast horses
For slow riders
We have slow horses
For those who have never ridden
We have horses that have
Never been ridden

I found this quatation on Tumblr.
Always share it with those I care for and love. At least it never fails to make me smile.


Greetings to the girls on the horseback I met on my way.

24 thoughts on “Them Horses

  1. Hej Hanna,

    Sikke et fint billede du fik taget af os efter en skøn tur i Jægersborg Hegn. Afslappede heste og to ryttere i venskabelig snak. Vi anede faktisk ikke, at det var os, du tog billeder af, før du fortalte os det 🙂

    Mvh. Dina og Handson(forest) og Maria og Luna(bagerst)

    • Kære Dina og Maria. Det var hyggeligt at møde jer, og dejligt at få en hilsen tilbage ❤
      Mange gode hilsner,

  2. That quote made me smile too! Thanks for sharing it and for the lovely picture. My father used to be a horse-breaker in his younger days and I used to ride a little so I think it made the quote even more amusing! 🙂

  3. This quote has been on the news this week in Britain. I’d heard it a long time ago but didn’t know where it originated. I do now.
    “Cast a cold Eye
    On Life, on Death.
    Horseman, pass by!”

    • Hi Alen, thanks for your interesting comment 🙂 I think we are back to which path to choose in live.
      Is this a revenge because you spent two hours at The Sea Stallion from Glendalough?
      Thank you for drawing my attention to W.B.Yeats. It’s going to take longer than 2 hours 🙂
      All the best,

  4. Nice thought but I think I’m safer with my two feet on the ground, well one foot at a time as I walk forward!

    • Hi Ash! You could concider an adventurous journey with the Sea Stallion in rough seas.
      But then again you like the firm ground 🙂
      PS It seems like I want you to travel 😀

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