I næste uge bliver det koldere

I næste uge bliver det koldere. Måske skal vi igen opleve landskaber som dem I kan se fra Dragerup Skov med kig ud over Inderbredning.

11 thoughts on “I næste uge bliver det koldere

    • Thank you very much for you lovely respond. Maybe a little snow will show tomorrow. At least the mud seems to confront difficult times 🙂
      Glædelig jul til dig og dine ❤

    • Yes, I know 🙂 I can actually begin to freeze too when I’m looking at snowy scenes. You must put on some alpine socks, Alen.
      All the best,

    • Hi Isabel. You are lucky to stay in Madrid. My Danish friends and family are captivated by the city and the surroundings.
      I read a little about Madrid’s climate. It was interesting reading: Nueve meses de invierno, tres meses de infierno 🙂
      Feliz Navidad, Isabel ❤

  1. Dine fotos er meget smukke og de medfølgende beskrivelser interessante.
    Glædelig jul og godt nytår

    • Hej Mira. Det dejligt at høre fra dig, og jeg er meget glad for dit feedback.
      Rigtig glædelig og et godt nytår til dig også.
      Mange hilsner,

  2. Beautiful pictures! Do you think you will have snow for Christmas in Denmark? Or are you hoping it will snow? Here the sky is just beginning to brighten (08.00) and I imagine it will be another grey and uninviting day. However it is the last weekend before Christmas Day so the shops in town will be very busy. I’m glad I’m now retired. I don’t envy those having to work at this time.

    • Thank you, Ash. I don’t think there will be snow for Christmas. But the meteorologists are predicting colder weather at the end of the month.
      Heavy rain and very dark this morning but it’s seems to brighten up here as well 🙂
      So I will soon be out for some fresh air and a lovely walk 🙂 Got a small collection of trees for you. Maybe in the next post.
      I wish you a nice and bright day ❤

      • After your warm reply the sun came out & cleared the grey skies! We travelled to the next town to collect some things to send to our daughters. Even with the bright sunshine it was very cold so it is a “hat & gloves” kind-of-day. I look forward to your trees as I’m sure you might have guessed they are my passion! See you again soon.

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