Hiking in Montenegro, Balkan

Tyrkisblå floder, sorte bjerge, afgrundsdybe kløfter, ældgamle klostre. Montenegro er et land, der er svært at se sig mæt på. Du kan prøve med toget, der kører fra Bar, byen der ligger tæt på grænsen til Albanien.

Romerne huserede her i år 900 hundrede. Det fortælles, at da de kom til det sted, der i dag er Dormitor Nationalpark, blev de så betaget af naturen og stilheden, at de døbte stedet den sovende, Durmitor på latin.

Jeg var på en rejse her for en del år siden. Det var en enestående ferie, dog uden vandrestøvler. Det forhindrede mig imidlertid ikke i at udforske landet. Montenegro er på min bucket list, over smukke steder jeg vil vandre.


Tara floden i Durmitor National Park.


Udsigt over Tara Canyon fra Tara Bridge

Dyb kløft Montenegro

Moracâ Cayon

Jeg havde booket rejsen hos et rejsebureau, og boede i byen Petrovac. Herfra foretog jeg udflugter og små vandreture. Der var en formidabel badestrand, nogle gode restauranter, og et lille torv ned mod havet, hvor eksotisk musik strømmede ud over byen. Det var i september måned, og vejret var smukt.

Her er nogle nyttige links. Har I yderligere information må I meget gerne sende info som kommentar ❤

Unesco – Durmitor National Park

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Tog i Montenegro

12 Comments on “Hiking in Montenegro, Balkan

  1. For a second I thought you had been to Norway. But it is different of course, but oh so beautiful. Exciting, lucky you Hanna.

    • I was thrilled by that beautiful landscape, Bente. Drama in the landscape with rugged mountains and deep canyons. Drama which constantly characterizes history.
      Norway is at the forefront of the competition in terms of snow-capped peaks, overwhelming exuberance, deep fjords …must I continue 🙂
      All the best,

  2. Hej Hanna. Now that is an impressive place. It would never have crossed my mind to visit Montenegro, but now I shall squeeze it onto my list as well.
    Cheers, Alen

    • Thanks Alen. Now that I have taken a closer look at my log from the journey I feel an urge to come back to Montenegro. I would like to go in the early summer when all the vegetation is fresh. The whole thing is very impressive as you said 🙂

  3. I guess Montenegro must we very interesting.
    I went to Macedonia this year and to Bosnia & Herzegovina last year. Amazing landscapes. I still need to do a full Balkans tour one day…
    …thank you for sharing your pictures. The landscape is really amazing.

    • Thank you 🙂 I was on some boat trips and visited monasteries on small islands, it was quite unique. The area is heavy with history and incredibly beautiful.
      On a journey into the country I saw dizzying deep canyons with small suspension bridges. The farmers used the bridges for the cattle when they were to grass on the other side of the canyon. Difficult to imagine 😎
      I visited your blog again and saw the picturesque photos gallery from your trip. The atmosphere is intact ❤

      • Yes, the Balkans are an amazing area.
        I often habe to travel for work and sometimes cannot really make enough time to look at the land closely. But what I saw makes me want to explore the region more.

      • In fact, I was reminded of my trip because an outdoor magazine published an article about a great hike into the Durmitor Nationalpark. I have searched high and low but obviously the magazine has disappeared in thin air 🙂 In return, I found my detailed travel book from my own trip.
        I hope you get the opportunity to explore the regions that arouses your curiosity most.

  4. Hello Hanna.
    It was unknown for me, but it seems very interesting. One more to add to my long list of places to visit. 🙂
    Have a nice week-end.

    • Hi Carlos. It is a spectacular country to visit and you could end up with millions of photos because of marvellous natural scenery and historic buildings. But you are already spoiled from homeland, Portugal 🙂 🙂
      I wish you a nice weekend too,