6 thoughts on “Skjoldungestien

  1. The Skjoldungestien was a very enjoyable walk for me, it is pleasing to see that they have now returned the trail to its original route through Møllesø Skov and Oren as the road walk was not much fun. I may need to consider doing the work again.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Cya. I can understand you consider doing it again. It’s a hike with much variation. There are an exciting Danish culture hidden behind this trail system. I will probably have to write a post about it.
      Close to Oren Forest is Særløse Church. Behind the church there is a large stone that make it up for a bench. Here you can sit and enjoy the most beautiful view you can imagine …we are talking Denmark 🙂
      I’m very fond of that area because you have such great views. It’s a very beautiful place for cycling too.
      All the best,

  2. Du har været ude at gå en masse siden sidst, Hanna. Du vil være iført ned dine støvler.
    Tag det roligt. Sidder i båden i billedet ser en afslappende måde at rejse på.
    All the best, Alen

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