Storm in Norway

Click in the picture to see the videos from NRK:


Fotografen til den første video, ‘Se Ivar tage for sig af julegaverne’ er Vegar Hakstad.

Fotografen til den anden video, ‘Notenesgata i Ålesund under ekstremvaeret Ivar’ er Tor Siverstøl fra NRK


Pas på jer selv derude, når der varsles storm. En mand blev blæst af fortovet, og ud i et trafikeret kryds, oppe i Ålesund.

Billedet af det væltede træ, er fra min seneste tur ved Furesøen.

12 Comments on “Storm in Norway

  1. Querida Hanna, he visto los vídeos y son impresionantes; la tormenta en el mar y el viento… Cuando los elementos naturales se desatan estamos muy indefensos. Muy interesante. Un abrazo grande.

    • Barbara, creo que la tormenta es impresionante. La gente tiende a ir a la ciudad y hacer compras, aunque las tormentas con violencia, y las autoridades han advertido en contra de ella.
        Un hombre murió a 30 km de donde vivo la tormenta de octubre. A dos aguas le cayó encima y lo mató en el acto. En uno de los videos de una chica es lige ved en blive echado delante de un coche. Debemos acostumbrarnos a las grandes fuerzas de la naturaleza y adaptarnos a él.
      Un fuerte abrazo para ti

  2. Scary videos, Hanna, especially the wind tearing over the sea at the beginning of the second one. Glad I wasn’t out there in a boat. You vikings might cope, though.
    Cheers, Alen

    • 😀 Vikings?
      The wildest weather I’ve sailed in was between Tangier and Gibraltar. I overcame my seasickness on the boat trip, and I almost started to like the boat dancing on the waves had it not been for all the other guests who were seasick. But being out at sea in a hurricane 😕
      You have a nice day over there, Alen!,

    • Dear Laurie. It was an exceedingly handsome assessment 🙂 Thank you so much!
      I wish you a lovely evening,

  3. It is pretty confusing situation. From one side picture and painting is lovely. From another side storm is not really nice thing. It is a destruction, it is terrible thing. I doubt if it is really good to like that. Anyway, the drawing itself beautiful.

    • Hi Alexander. That’s right, the storm may in fact be a rather daunting experience, especially when you are not listening to the authorities warning.
      If you click the image, there will be a post with two videos dealing with sudden gusts of wind in a town center.
      The post has been produced by NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting.
      All the best!

    • Thank you so much, Mike. If you click in the picture you will be able to see two thoughtful videos from NRK in Norway about their last storm/orkan and how it affected people in the street, while they were shopping.
      All the best,

  4. Storm laver nogle sælsomme monumenter i skove – eet er de væltede eller snarere tippede træer – men de træer der knækker, de bliver ofte splintret på nogle ‘egendommelige’ måder – rå naturkraft… 🙂

    • Ja, du har ret, Drake, væltede træer danner monumenter over deres lange liv i skoven, og fuglene er begejstrede 🙂
      God søndag til dig,
      PS Snyd ikke dig selv for de 2 videoer fra NRK, bare klik i billedet!

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