Storm in Norway

Click in the picture to see the videos from NRK:


Fotografen til den første video, ‘Se Ivar tage for sig af julegaverne’ er Vegar Hakstad.

Fotografen til den anden video, ‘Notenesgata i Ålesund under ekstremvaeret Ivar’ er Tor Siverstøl fra NRK


Pas på jer selv derude, når der varsles storm. En mand blev blæst af fortovet, og ud i et trafikeret kryds, oppe i Ålesund.

Billedet af det væltede træ, er fra min seneste tur ved Furesøen.

12 Comments on “Storm in Norway

  1. Storm laver nogle sælsomme monumenter i skove – eet er de væltede eller snarere tippede træer – men de træer der knækker, de bliver ofte splintret på nogle ‘egendommelige’ måder – rå naturkraft… 🙂

    • Ja, du har ret, Drake, væltede træer danner monumenter over deres lange liv i skoven, og fuglene er begejstrede 🙂
      God søndag til dig,
      PS Snyd ikke dig selv for de 2 videoer fra NRK, bare klik i billedet!

    • Thank you so much, Mike. If you click in the picture you will be able to see two thoughtful videos from NRK in Norway about their last storm/orkan and how it affected people in the street, while they were shopping.
      All the best,

  2. It is pretty confusing situation. From one side picture and painting is lovely. From another side storm is not really nice thing. It is a destruction, it is terrible thing. I doubt if it is really good to like that. Anyway, the drawing itself beautiful.

    • Hi Alexander. That’s right, the storm may in fact be a rather daunting experience, especially when you are not listening to the authorities warning.
      If you click the image, there will be a post with two videos dealing with sudden gusts of wind in a town center.
      The post has been produced by NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting.
      All the best!

    • Dear Laurie. It was an exceedingly handsome assessment 🙂 Thank you so much!
      I wish you a lovely evening,

  3. Scary videos, Hanna, especially the wind tearing over the sea at the beginning of the second one. Glad I wasn’t out there in a boat. You vikings might cope, though.
    Cheers, Alen

    • 😀 Vikings?
      The wildest weather I’ve sailed in was between Tangier and Gibraltar. I overcame my seasickness on the boat trip, and I almost started to like the boat dancing on the waves had it not been for all the other guests who were seasick. But being out at sea in a hurricane 😕
      You have a nice day over there, Alen!,

  4. Querida Hanna, he visto los vídeos y son impresionantes; la tormenta en el mar y el viento… Cuando los elementos naturales se desatan estamos muy indefensos. Muy interesante. Un abrazo grande.

    • Barbara, creo que la tormenta es impresionante. La gente tiende a ir a la ciudad y hacer compras, aunque las tormentas con violencia, y las autoridades han advertido en contra de ella.
        Un hombre murió a 30 km de donde vivo la tormenta de octubre. A dos aguas le cayó encima y lo mató en el acto. En uno de los videos de una chica es lige ved en blive echado delante de un coche. Debemos acostumbrarnos a las grandes fuerzas de la naturaleza y adaptarnos a él.
      Un fuerte abrazo para ti

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