15 thoughts on “Varm Oktoberdag

    • Mange tak, Hans. Ja, vi har haft usædvanligt meget sol og sommer på Sjælland. Det fortsætter tilsyneladende. Jeg sender lidt varme afsted til dig med et lille højtryk 🙂

    • Yes, you speak Danish now 😎 😎 😎 😉
      I’ve just been in the forest and guess what I found – ants! I always come to think of your trip in the jungle and the ants that took hold in your shoes. Maybe I’ll create a post just about ants 😀
      All the best,

      • Well then I’d like to svar til this post to say thank you, I’m putting it on my resume. Yes! Write about the ants! Who knew they could be such nasty little buggers? I hope yours weren’t the biting kind though…

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