The Glacier Pasterze

The Glacier Pasterze next to Grossglockner, Austria really is worth a visit.
We had enjoyable hours there years ago.

Take a look at these brilliant photos from Grossglockner High Alpine Road: Grossglockner

8 Comments on “The Glacier Pasterze

  1. Wow, Hanna! this is one incredible capture. Thank you!
    Not sure why, could be a WP thing, but I couldn’t get the pics to do the show thing. Will try back here in a few days to see if they work. Have a wonderful weekend! Resa

    • Thank you!! Glaciers are an amazing sight. Even when they are small as we experienced in Norway (They have them big too) 🙂

  2. This is a very beautiful road. this was also the first time for me in contact with a glacier – 1975.

    • Hi Leya. We had a great day there and I guess you had a similar experience?
      My first glacier was 20 years ago. It was tiny but of an outstanding importance: Lågtunga, Norway

      • Lågtunga – never heard of…but the first time is the first time. And glaciers are always aweinspiring!

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