September The Last Of Summer

The birds laugh loud and long together
When Fashion’s followers speed away
At the first cool breath of autumn weather.
Why, this is the time, cry the birds, to stay!
When the deep calm sea and the deep sky over
Both look their passion through sun-kissed space,
As a blue-eyed maid and her blue-eyed lover
Might each gaze into the other’s face.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox, The End of Summer

2 thoughts on “September The Last Of Summer

  1. Wow, this poem is so wonderful, dear Hanna. It really transfers the feelings of autumn so much and your photo, too. Have a nice weekend, kind regards Mitza

    • The weather is fantastic right now. Just as in the poem, Mitza.
      Wish you lovely weather and a great walk in your garden 🙂

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