The Cemetery Mariebjerg

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the Earth are never alone or weary of life.
Rachel Carson

I wouldn’t dwell too much here when the night comes but now with the sun reflected in the frost, the cemetery is very beautiful. It’s always a pleasure to take a stroll among the huge trees and corridors.
Mariebjerg Cemetery is designated as one of the ten most significant works of architecture in Denmark. Mariebjerg was built in the years 1926-1936 under the direction of architect G. N. Brandt.


Mariebjerg Cemetery

19 thoughts on “The Cemetery Mariebjerg

    • ¡Sí, lo es, Jacint! Pero espero que dure unos años. En realidad no tengo prisa pero nunca se sabe y supongo que es mejor así 🙂
      Un abrazo!

    • Dear Mitza. This particular cemetery is very special. Most of our cemeteries in Denmark are more traditional. Old graveyards are very profound as Cindy says.
      All the best,

  1. I always love to visit cemeteries wherever we are. Your photos are beautiful and the frost makes it even more special. We’re in Copenhagen in afew weeks time and I have added it to my wish list of places to visit,

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