Snowy Days

Years ago we had some beautiful snowy days. Because it is the first of December, I want to show you some of my pictures from these days.
Nymølle, Kongens Lyngby
Mølleådalen, Kongens Lyngby
Mølleådalen, Kongens Lyngby
Brede, Kongens Lyngby

22 thoughts on “Snowy Days

    1. Dear Jeannette. Thank you so much. When the snow falls everything changes, snow crystals twinkle, reflecting all colours just like in a fairy tale. The sounds are dimmed, only the laughter of children is heard when the sledge rushes down the hill ❤ 🙂
      Many greetings to you too,

    1. Hi Alexander. You are right. It’s always a pleasure to see everything turns from black and brown to lovely white!! Thank you.

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