3 thoughts on “Svaner med hovedet under vand

  1. Hi Hanna, I even did not realize that these are stones. I thought it is something humanmade. They are so similar. The composition is lovely. And now when I know it is Mother’s Nature Art I am impressed.

    • I asked the wrong way!! They are actually swans 🙂 I waited until they had their heads down all at once. Most likely they were afraid of the coming storm 🙂 🙂 (Trying to be funny)

      • Wow! It is even more intriguing! I had similar experience with swans but at winter time on the ice. When I saw them I thought it is just a few snow banks. But it was couple of swans with the hidden heads and necks under the wings. The picture of them in my post “Grenadier Pond”.
        Most of the time when you do not know what is behind the picture, story, drawing etc. you can just pass it with no any emotions. But if you know what is that about the feeling is totally different.
        Beautiful swans and picture!
        All the best, Hanna!

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