On my way to the beach


7 thoughts on “On my way to the beach

    1. Hi Alen. The water’s temperature is 18 degrees, but the air is hot at the moment so it’s really nice to be cooled down.

    1. Thank you, Carlos. I feel the same way. The colour is beautiful and the freshness from the sea gives great pleasure.
      I wish you a happy week,

  1. It seems you’ve had a fantastic piece of luck! 🙂 Have a good and sunny start to the week!

    1. Yes you can say that, Stefan. It’s no exaggeration 🙂
      According to Sunnmørsposten you are experience the same beautiful weather just some degrees lower ❤
      Happy week to you too,

      1. You are right! 😉 It would be an exaggeration to say that we have bad weather here … 😀

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