The Stag

If I hurry I can make it before the rain starts.
That was my last thought before I rode the bike through the deer park and down to the sea.
Beautiful cumulus clouds were building up on the horizon, and the weather forecast predicted violent thunderstorms mixed with hail in exquisite places .
The sea was wonderful. Boats were mirroring their white sails in the dark shadows from towering clouds while two kayakers were sliding past me only leaving a faint murmur behind.
On my way back through the forest the clouds became darker and suddenly I hear the familiar sound of thunder while the rain starts pouring down.
While I wait out of the rain, I suddenly see a big stag on the other side of the trail.
A few minutes we look each other in the eyes, then he disappears worthy among the trees, leaving a rush in my stomach.
Maybe it was the same stag I met on a lovely autumn day: A golden moment