Luckily, snow doesn’t melt in pictures 🛷🥰

The poem, There is nothing in the world as quiet as snow, was written by the author Helge Rode in 1886.
The poem is quiet like the snow itself, offering us a new reality that is quiet, pure and gentle. *Højskolesangbogen

There is nothing in the world as quiet as snow,
when it softly descends through the air,
muffles your steps,
hush, hushs gently
on the voices that speak too loudly.

There is nothing in the world of a purity like snow,
swan down from the white wings of heaven.
On your hand a fluff
is like a teardrop.
White thoughts silently dance and sway.

There is nothing in the world that can soften like snow.
Hush, you listen until the silent sounds.
O, so fine a sound,
Silver bell song
Deep inside your heart is ringing.

17 thoughts on “Luckily, snow doesn’t melt in pictures 🛷🥰

    • Thank you, Anil!! These snow covered days were absolutely magical. I hardly dared to breathe. Imagine if the wind came and blew the snow off the branches.
      It’s very windy in Denmark 😊🤗
      Best wishes,

    • Thank you so much, Linda. Snow in winter is wonderful though as you say it can cause challenges on the roads.
      It’s like an extra sun when the snow lights up the landscape. We had to admit that, as rain replaced the snow and the landscape went dark brown and dark green from one day to the next. Sudden warm winds from the south caused the temperature to rise to almost 2-digit degrees. It’s an anti-climax with a week until Christmas, but that’s nothing to complain about. I mean, it’s not a disaster 😊
      A merry Christmas to you to!! 🎄🕊️❄️

    • Merry Christmas, Peter 🎄🕊️
      It’s like being in a Fairy Land walking in snow and low sun – Bells ringing in the heart 😊
      Best wishes for you and your loved ones!!

  1. We’re coated in a snow blizzard right now in Eastern Canada. Hahaha.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Hannah. Best wishes to many more lovely hikes in nature in 2023!

    • Thanks a lot, Ab. And a merry Christmas to you too. And may your bucket list be shorter 😊
      Take no chances!!
      All the best,

    • Merry Christmas, Robert 🎄🕊️⛄
      Walking in hoarfrost and low sun is like walking into a wonderful poem 🥰
      All the best,

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