Happy Earth Day❤️

Cormorants, mallards, gulls and one white wagtail, that was what I saw!
I think an early morning is better for bird counting 🙂

Nature poets can’t walk across the backyard without tripping over an epiphany.
~ Christian Wiman

Leave only your footprints behind ❤️

Happy Walk!

11 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day❤️

    • Thank you, Elisabeth. Beach meadows are wonderful. I love the life of birds, the sea and light ❤️
      Happy walks and weekend 🍀😊

    • Thanks a lot! It is a tree tunnel. When shrubs and trees are green and flowering, the tunnel becomes dense
      Green tunnels with views are the best I know 😀 Just like winding paths. A surprise is waiting around the next corner 😍

    • Thank you, David. The motive is from a wonderful beach meadow.
      I would love to take a walk there an early morning to watch the birds,

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