Elsinore, the Gate to the Rest of Scandinavia

The light, the sky and the sea. We are in the northeast corner of Denmark.
At the end of the snow-covered road lies Kronborg.
Elsinore, home to the buzz of history. Kronborg Castle and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Norwegian painter, Thomas Fearnley, 1802-1842
Helsingør mod Kronborg, vinter. Date of art: 1833, oil on canvas.

24 thoughts on “Elsinore, the Gate to the Rest of Scandinavia

  1. Wow, that’s a beautiful painting. Elsinore is such an evocative name because of Hamlet. I always imagine it as dark, bleak and foreboding. It looks beautiful in the picture.

    • I wonder what he would say, Thomas Fearnley, if he knew of the popularity of his wonderful landscape paintings today 🥰😊

    • It’s a pleasure!! – And you’re right, there’s a certain resemblance to Breughel’s paintings. Thanks for pointing me to this.
      All the best,

    • Thank you so much, Linda. I have lingered on that painting for a long time. It is hard to detach from the beautiful landscape 😃🥰🌟
      All the best 🎈

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