Now the Snow is Falling …

It’s snowing right now. Maybe it will be just as beautiful as on the paintings 🎄

Timber Haulers Returning Home by Frits Thaulow, 1892, oil on canvas, Bergen Kunstmuseum

Freezing river by Frits Thaulow, c. 1892, Pushkin Museum, Moscow

A Farm at Lysaker by Jacob Gløersen, 1892, Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design, Oslo Norway

Christmas Party by Lars Jorde, 1895-1896, Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design, Oslo Norway

17 thoughts on “Now the Snow is Falling …

    • Thank you, Julie!!
      The beautiful red color on both houses of Frits Thaulow creates a wonderful contrast to the snow. Snow and red buildings fills the eye with pleasure and are lovely opposites 🥰😊
      All the best,

    • To be in Norway on Christmas Eve! I know some mountain areas from summer walks. The landscape must be wonderful at Christmas time with snow.
      Thanks a lot!!🎄🌟⛄

  1. Dear Hanna,
    thank you very much for showing these beautiful winter paintings. We have to admit we hadn’t seen none of them before.
    Wishing you a happy weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you, Klaus. It is a pleasure to learn more about Norway’s geography and culture 🎁
      Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas weekend 🎄
      All the best,

      • Dear Hanna,
        Hanne-Dina is Norwegian.
        I learned a lot of the history of all the Nordic peoples from reading “True North” by Gavin Francis. It’s a book with first class infos about the Viking times and Norway’s role there and about the highest North of Norway. It’s maybe not what you are looking for beause it’s about Shetland, Faroe, Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard and the cultral influence of the Vikings/Norsemen there. Nevertheless, I learned a lot about the Norwegian history of the Middle Ages.
        Wishing you a wonderful pre-Christmas time
        an the rest of
        The Fab Four of Cley
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Thank you for introducing me to Gavin Francis, Klaus. “True North” is now one among many of his books that I want to read.
        Your comment sent me on a virtual trip to the Danish Viking Ship Museum. Here is an abundance of facts from the time when the Vikings made the seas unsafe 😊
        All the best to the Fab Four of Cley!!
        The Danish Viking Ship Museum:

    • Thank you, Alexander!! For barely a day, the snow has fallen quietly. Trees, bushes and scrubs are painted in white. It’s a welcome scenery in December 🎄🌟⛄
      All the best,

    • It’s a good choice 😊 I’m having a hard time picking one. The paintings remind me of countless impressions I get by walking.
      – It’s a wonderful occupation – having to choose 🎁🥰

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