A walk in a glacial moraine landscape

I don’t know about you but after a walk in the rain I found this great idea for a late summer walk in a glacial moraine landscape next to Arresø. We did the walk in the month of May, one of my favourite month.

Most of the surrounding land is made up of the last glacial moraine landscapes, but in addition there are widespread post-modern formations that are the result of land elevations, sea rises, water and wind erosion as well as sea and fresh water deposits, etc.

The central and southern part of the peninsula consists of a high-altitude, steadily hilly terrain with the highest point Maglehøj, 70 m above sea level, while the northern part consists of a low-lying, hilly terrain with the highest point of Little Maglehøj, 27 m above sea level : Naturstyrelsen

8 Comments on “A walk in a glacial moraine landscape

  1. Your images are poetry, Hanna. Such simple landscapes — but seen through your eyes, they seem magical.

    • Thanks a lot, Peter. It’s a wonderful landscape that lies around the big lake, Arresø with great views and – fresh air 😊

    • Thanks, David. It does seems like a great idea too. Next weekend the weather turns back to summer and 25 C. Never know about the weather these days 😶😊

      • They reckon (well that is the current story) that September is going to be good, warm sunny days for at least 3 weeks. Now we just have to believe them 🙂

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