A lake named after a little fish

The lake is named after the little fish, Bleak. The Danish name for the fish is Løje, hence Løjesø.
In the north-east corner of the lake is a good bathing spot. Though I will always prefer the beach.
I find a deep dark forest lake a bit scary.
You can catch shells and perch in the lake and it is a beautiful peaceful place to fish.

6 Comments on “A lake named after a little fish

  1. Nice! I can feel the coolness of the water. Funny enough we also have a lake named after a fish: the Brasemer meer. Meer is lake and Brasem is well, a kind of small bleak, in Dutch: bliek. 🙂

    • Hi Peter. I had absolutely no intention of taking a swim. I have well-developed abilities to assess the temperature of a lake just by throwing a quick glance at the surface 😊
      The name of a lake can be an excellent guide for an angler. Though it was you who gave me that idea 💡😊

  2. I like to swim in lakes, especially Finnish lakes… they are cleaner than the Baltic sea 😉

    • Hi Samuel. One have to choose carefully before dipping the big toe in unfamiliar water 😁

    • It’s a peaceful place. Sometimes there are anglers in selected idyllic places, very understandable 🙂

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