Winter Landscape

Being inspired of the snow outside I found a winter motive along the mill river.

If snow melts down to water, does it still remember being snow?
Jennifer McMahon, The Winter People

A part of the Mill River, Ravnholm, Denmark.

12 Comments on “Winter Landscape

    • Yes, I find it interesting too, Peter. Researchers are examining whether water has memory. It becomes a little more intriguing when we know that the human body consists of approx. 60% water.
      There is no evidence that water has memory, not as far as I know.
      However, there is no lack of theories!

    • Thank you so much, Robert. Enchanted is the right word for the experience of seeing the landscape dressed in white and at the same time feel the silence almost literally.

Have you experienced anything like this? Your comment or your story is very much appreciated!

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