A visit to Ejby Ådal

Where can I go?

Thank you Beverley for your nice query concerning Ejby Ådal and the trails around the river valley.
You will find good information at Visit Lejre:
The paths in Ejby Ådal

Furthermore you will find several suggestions for a hike in the municipality of Lejre: Lejre on foot

I had an unforgettable evening in Ejby Ådal in the month of November once.
A sacred moment ❤

Where can I walk? In Danish!

13 Comments on “A visit to Ejby Ådal

  1. You captued a really wonderful moment, Hanna. It must be such an interesting place. It is literally a beautiful image.

    • Hi Stefan. I love the place and that moment!!!
      Thanks a lot for your lovely compliment.
      All the best,

    • Thank you so much. I can still look at the picture and remember the sounds of nature. Magic!!!

    • Thank you, Isabel. Maybe I can find a magic moment like that again. It was in November month.
      Un abrazo,

  2. Nice post, the shot is spectacular! So Happy I can comment here. I’m having problems on other WP sites.

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