The Trail That Never Ends

The temperature varied considerably depending on whether I was in the wood or out on the sunny meadow.
Steep slopes, small springs, pastures, hilly trails and a wooden pier for ‘happy swimmers’.
It was bitterly cold in the woods by the springs, and the lake didn’t tempt with a swim but I did have a great walk.

Ved Sjælsø
Ved Sjælsø
Ved Sjælsø
Ved Sjælsø
Ved Sjælsø
Ved Sjælsø
Ved Sjælsø
Ved Sjælsø
Ved Sjælsø
Ved Sjælsø

The place where you lose the trail is not necessarily the place where it ends.
Tom Brown, Jr.

13 Comments on “The Trail That Never Ends

    • Mange tak, Maia. Der er meget mere sne på vej lige nu!! Det bliver flot i morgen…og glat.
      Mange hilsner til dig,

    • Hi Montucky. I’m always curious to find the most interesting and lovely variation in landscape, culture and greenery. Sometimes I’m lucky 🙂

  1. a wonderful gallery of very atmospheric photos of winter. Even though I don’t like winter your photos make me like it a bit more. Have a nice weekend, regards Mitza

    • I’m glad that I changed your perspective on winter, Mitza 🙂 It’s nice when the snow lights up the landscape. The air is cleaner than when fog and mist hang still without any wind. Thanks a lot for your nice words!!
      Wish you a lovely weekend,

  2. Beautiful pictures. 🙂 Where is it? Are the cows wild cows? Sweden will bring out the wild cows that were here long ago by DNA. The experts say, unleash some cows, after a few generations, they are wild .. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, John. I think the cows have been there for a couple of years. There are a few generations to go 🙂 Sjælsø is located in Rudersdal Municipality, north of Birkerød, Zealand.
      Sjælsø Syd
      GPS X: 55° 51.523′, Y: 12° 26.234′

    • You got it right, Alen. It wasn’t for sissies in the shadows. Sometimes it feels like your bones are frozen!!

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