Beth’s survival tips for the bog bound in Cumbria

I read a post yesterday about how to survive a walk in a bog written by Beth from About Life and Hiking in Cumbria

The tips amused me and made me think of my own wet expeditions to bogs in Scandinavia
Click my picture from today and read the 10 advice from Beth:

Mose syd for Skodsborgvej, Rudersdal

Happy walk out there and enjoy the weekend ❤

15 thoughts on “Beth’s survival tips for the bog bound in Cumbria

    • Sometimes I have wandered in a bog, where the trail disappeared little by little. It can be daunting in itself. How it would go in the darkness, is not pleasant to think of.
      In a forest close to my residence is a bog consisting deep holes. The forester is knowledgeable about a hole of two meters of water and then 15 meters “bottomless” mire. A horse once disappeared in that hole but luckily the rider saved herself before the bog entered Stealth Mode 😦 🙂
      A diver tried the next day to find the horse, but without success. A little bit creepy I think.
      All the best,

    • El tiempo cambia entre la niebla y la lluvia. Es un buen tiempo para estar en, y proporciona nuevas oportunidades para la luz, imágenes y estados de ánimo, me encanta 🙂
      Les deseo un feliz fin de semana, Leo

    • Jeg nød indlægget! Moser er ikke til at spøge med. Det har inspireret mig til endnu et indlæg, fordi vi næsten havde en drukneulykke for noget tid siden. Folk tager ikke advarslerne advorlige. Det er undervejs med video –
      Mange gode hilsner til dig,

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